A Collection of thoughts, views and opinions as reflected in a lifetime of art work.

International artist and sculptor K.A. Colorado has spent the last two decades working in various climatic conditions throughout the world, using ice and snow as both a medium and a subject.

From working in Antarctica and the Patagonia ice fields, to creating snow sculpture in Valois, France, to imbedding one of his "Kyoto Protocol" Ice Core Sculptures in the cauldron of a volcano in South America, K.A. Colorado has performed art installations all around the globe and created art that has dealt with the global conditions associated with climate change.

His artwork has taken him atop precarious icebergs, alongside rugged mountains in alpine regions, and into the hot desert. He has fabricated steel pyramids in Culiacan, Mexico, carved monumental stone in the Czech Republic, and created the first-ever kinetic snow sculpture which was unveiled in Perm, Russia near the Ural Mountains.

Invited by the Arctic Scientific Research Library at CADIC-CONICET in Ushuaia, Argentina, at the Tierra Del Fuego by noted geologist and glaciologist Dr. Jorge Rabassa, K.A. Colorado has studied and visually captured icebergs in his paintings and sculptures to depict the changing glacial conditions in the Antarctic.

As the only artist invited among a group of renowned scientists and climatologists from around the world, K.A. Colorado participated in the International Conference on Hydrometeorological Security held in Moscow, Russia in September 2006. His paper on "Aesthetic Considerations and Implications of Snow Mass and Texture Changes" was published and posted at the Conference, which was attended by climatologists and geologists whose areas of expertise include the Polar and Arctic regions.

K.A. Colorado was the recipient of the Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum LA Artcore Award in 2008. In 2010, K.A. Colorado was selected as speaker and presenter at the TED Conference in Monterey, California. As an international artist, K.A. Colorado's work has joined science and art together aesthetically, conceptually, and intellectually, and explored the historical and human ramifications of our changing climate and environment.

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