Bringing the Antarctic to the Viewer

Mr. Colorado recently returned from working in the Antarctic by invitation of the Argentine Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, and the Dirección Nacional del Antártico (National Institute for Antarctic Relations) of Argentina. During his residency in the International Cooperation Art Program, Mr. Colorado was one of only a few artists selected from around the world to perform art installations on the Antarctic continent. While in Antarctica he visited several scientific and historic bases, and completed a series of five "Art In Antarctica" groups of works involving sculpture, on-site installation, photography, and video.

An Artistic Recognition of the Contribution of the Animals who Made the Polar Exploration a Reality.

K.A. Colorado's current thematic expressions have resulted in another body of work that attempts to pay homage to the horses, dogs, and cats that traveled far into the Antarctic and became an historic footnote of the Polar exploration era.

Sculpture, print, and photography of the Argentine DNA-supported experience have resulted in another body of work that was influenced by positive interaction between the artist and various logistical military support personnel who provided safe passage, food, and accommodation. Additionally, dialogue and interaction between international scientists in the field at Marambio Base and Jubany Base opened additional views to approaching artistic expression. Lastly, the small group of invited artists on this journey enhanced and added depth of ideas and theoretical meaning to a meaningful, productive, and creative experience. All were intimately touched by the magnificence and power of the Polar area – a touch that is forever remembered as the unique continent called Antarctica. The body of work in this exhibition is the result of this experience.

©2011 K.A. Colorado