"The Pink Heart Group"

"The Pink Heart Group" was composed and sculpted originally for the casting of the Red Glass Hearts used in the installation of "Banquet in the Antarctic". These works became the original forms used in the molds for the ruby "Red Glass Hearts" installed in the "Banquet" group. These original "Pink Hearts" consisted of sixteen individual sculptures that were transported to the Antarctic Base Station Esperanza (Hope Bay) and that were hand-held and documented on site.

The "Pink Heart Print Group" was composed of a digital graphic arrangement of images that have been originally produced at the Antarctic Base Station of Esperanza in January-February 2012. These photographic images were composed using the "Pink Hearts" for documentation purposes. The "Pink Hearts" were hand-held by six of the selected project artists on the DNA-supported site at Base Esperanza.

The intention was to illustrate a human embrace of the heroic animal effort in the Polar region, symbolizing concern and recognition for all animals used in Antarctic exploration. The graphic layout print edition is intended to subliminally mimic a ceremonial arrangement of pink carnations or roses.

©2011 K.A. Colorado