"Ice Hearts Of Antarctica"

The "Ice Hearts Group" is a second edition of clear "icy" hearts completed after the artist returned from Antarctica. They were cast in Punta Alta in April-May 2012, and are composed of resin material. These hearts were cast from the original "Red Glass Hearts" installed by the artist on the Antarctic continent. Individual sculptures from this "Ice Hearts Group" are transported to global locations and photographed in international contexts.

The "Ice Hearts" in other world locations are intended to position the "Banquet Heart Group" in equally remote locations, linking each area intellectually. The Antarctic legacy to the outside world is expanded beyond the continental boundaries by utilizing the sculpture of hearts replicated as ice and photo-documenting them in different locations.

As the Antarctic is unique and isolated by distance, temperature, color, and location, I wanted to visually relate the accomplishments and consequence of animals in an abstract extreme environment.

©2011 K.A. Colorado