"Banquet In the Antarctic"

"Banquet in the Antarctic" was realized because of official invitation through the Argentine international arts program, summer 2011-2012, by the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, Dirección Nacional del Antártico (DNA). Several projects were realized in the Antarctic program. The most important became "Banquet in the Antarctic", which was a site-specific sculpture installation that consisted of red glass hearts centered on eight aluminum plates that were positioned on a platform. The arrangement was visually organized to provide a dinner placement or a meal at a table. Using my body as a centerpiece positioned in the center of the platform, symbolically illustrated a recognition and salute to the heroic legacy of the animals that sacrificed, suffered, and triumphed in the golden age of the Polar explorations barely one hundred years ago.

The second allegory of "Banquet" portrayed the human body as meat or meat product for consumption. This consumption alludes to cultivation, domestication, and harvest of animals as food source which has been linked to the contribution of methane release in the atmosphere as well as carbon atmospheric accumulation. Through farming, harvesting, slaughter, and corporate transport, the packaging and availability of animal food production can impact the ice pack in areas such as Antarctica.

©2011 K.A. Colorado