"The Cow On The Iceberg" - A Series of Oil Paintings and Sculptures Featuring Animals On Polar Ice

"The Cow On The Iceberg" art series is a collection of portraiture paintings and Ice Core Sculptures depicting animal characters in their habitat at the edge of the ice.

These works give honor and recognition to the various heroes of the polar expeditions as well as the domesticated animals that also were brought to the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Included in this group of paintings and sculptures are depictions of cows who I witnessed riding on icebergs and standing in ice fields during one of my trips to Antarctica, and who have used floating ice as a means of transportation and survival for the past 200 years.

In addition, other indigenous animal life is also represented in this series of artwork, including dogs, musk ox, and polar bears.

The Ice Core Sculptures exhibited in this group are a series of replicated ice core samplings featuring animal DNA in the form of hair samples and follicles imbedded into Ice Cores. These cores simulate actual ice cores drilled from glacial ice containing biological and environmental scientific data. They contain real DNA material from dogs, ponies, musk ox, and polar bears.

This exhibition celebrates the diversity and challenges facing animals at the edge of ice.

K.A. Colorado

©2011 K.A. Colorado